[Qgis-developer] beta-realease of the os geospatial Live DVD "Arramagong"

Stefan Hansen stefan.hansen at lisasoft.com
Thu Nov 20 22:13:16 EST 2008

Hi all!

LISAsoft just released a new beta-version of the Arramagong Live DVD.
This disk provides the opportunity to try a variety of open source
geospatial applications without the need to install anything new on your
system. It contains for example GeoServer, Mapserver, GRASS, Qgis and
many more.

This Live DVD is based on the Ominiverdi LiveDVD/XUbuntu and includes 
such supporting applications as Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat 
Application Server, Sun
Java, PostgreSQL and PGAdmin.

Besides the applications the Live DVD provides sample data and sample
configurations and projects for most of the installed applications. A
list of the DVD content can be found here:


The iso-image can be downloaded here:


The current release is only a beta-version and needs to be tested.
Therefore, it would be great if some of you could play a bit with the
DVD. If you discover any problems, please report them here (We don't
have an issue tracker yet):


We are trying to provide for each geospatial application examples, so
the user can try them immediately. So far, most of our sample projects 
are not really very elaborate and it would be great if someone would 
create for any of the applications something much more impressive with 
the available sample data. Or maybe, you already have some in place for 

One of our goals for the future, is to have all applications, 
configuration and examples as debian packages. This would make creating 
the Live DVD much more easier. Maybe someone already has made a 
Qgis-deb-package or wants to help us creating one?

Anyway, we have set up a mailing list for the Live DVD:


So if you are interested, just join it!   :-)


Stefan Hansen
Software Engineer

Ph: +61 3 8680 3200 Fax: +61 3 8680 3299 Mob: +61
Level 9, 601 Bourke St, Melbourne Vic 3000

LISAsoft is part of the A2end Group of Companies

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