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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Thu Nov 27 15:26:39 EST 2008

Hi Robert

I installed your icons. Generally they are improved over the previous
edition - especially the contrast is better so they 'pop' out more. A
couple more detailed comments.

- New project icon - great
- load / save / save as icons - getting more used to them now - I like
the design but not sure if it wonders too far away from the familiar
floppy disk icon.
- map composer icon - great
- add vector layer icon - the previous edition way of representing a
vector with little nodes on it was for me nicer than this version
- add raster icon - great - looks much better than previous version
- add db layer icon - looks great
- add wms layer icon - it looks good but I'm not sure if its intuitive
as users may mistake it for being something to do with pie charts
- add gps layer icon (from plugin) - not themed
- add sfw icon (from plugin) - not themed
- new vector layer icon - icon is nice but same comments apply as add
vector layer icon - I like your previous representation of a vector more
- remove layer icon - great
- add to overview icon - great
- hide show icons - great
- core plugin icons - not themed
- identify icon - great
- select icon - great
- attribute table - really nice
- measure icons - great
- maptips icon - great
- show and add bookmark icons - they look nice but I'm not sure if the
functionality they represent is easily recognisable
- pan / zoom icons - much better. The previous icon set's  navigation
icons you did I found quite innovative to represent zoom using distorted
vectors, but they require more work to recognise. This version is more
conservative in its representation but instantly recognisable. The
contrast is much better too. My only suggestion is to use for the
magnifying glass handles the more orangy colour from (around about
#c2a524 rather than the more dirty yellow colour a4a413)
- editing icons - all great. My only suggestion is for the move vertex
icon to use a 4-way arrow subicon rather.
- copy and paste icons - for me these icons were the weakest. They dont
seem in keeping with the rest of the icons for me and the cut icon I
think would be better with the (cliché I know) scissors overlaid on it
to make it clear what it is for. The yellow colour is for me too soft (I
think #fbe84f might work better) and for me the clipboard looks too
large compared to the other icons on the toolbar.

In summary though I must say wow! Its a great set of icons and with your
permission I will add them as a 4th theme in the shipping QGIS 1.0. I
will also look at resolving the issues of them not loading properly when
not used as the default theme.

If others agree, I will propose that we move completely to your icon
theme in QGIS 2.0 (or some 1.x version). I was planning to move to svg
icons only for 2.0 but if I recall correctly you already did them in svg
and just rendered out to png right? If we are planning ahead to get qgis
2.0 (or even some 1.x version) using your icons as default, it would be
great to have the core plugins and other miscellanious icons themed too.
Lastly it would be nice to have some kind of guide available to
developers so that their 3rd party plugins can appear in QGIS in a way
that is consistent with the existing icons.



On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 00:33 +0100, Robert Szczepanek wrote:
> First, complete version of all standard toolbar icons is ready.
> http://robert.szczepanek.pl/icons.php
> regards,

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