[Qgis-developer] The Installer / Re: Ready for feature freeze?

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Mon Sep 1 06:39:48 EDT 2008

> > New plugin installer is the 1st that comes to my mind. When is it
> > going to be put into SVN?
> Borys any thoughts on that? Is it ready for 'prime time' now?

Hi! Sorry I was so quiet last weeks, but I hope I'm just coming back to life 
these days. The Installer is ready for a long time! And I hope it's tested 

However I see two related issues, which have to be solved before 1.0 release 
(but not necessarily before putting to trunk). I didn't work on it yet, but 
now I'm ready to get down to that,

1. Due to the new menu layout, it's necessary to finally place the installer 
item (now it's hardcoded, so may come to wrong menu in some OSes). I see two 
a) keep it in the Plugins menu, next to the Plugin Manager and prior to the 
separator, by creating a method for QgisApp (similar to the 
b) take it completely from the menu and launch by a button in the Plugin 
I hesitate which one will be more usable. I think the latter, but The Manager 
window may become a a bit crowded. What do you think? I can code it 

2. Due to the API changes, I suggest to create new repositories ("Official" as 
well as the author's ones), containing plugins rewritten to the new API. 

It's also good time for dividing the official repo into two: moderated and 
testing one, as we found some time ago. At least we should delegate someone 
to take care on plugn metadata, because correcting the repository entries is 
much more reasonable than upgrading the Installer's workarounds after every 
release of plugin with broken metadata.

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