[Qgis-developer] Re: [work] [Qgis-community-team] Re: Python plugins and C++ plugins: using different terms

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Mon Sep 1 08:13:41 EDT 2008

Hello All,
Sorry I'm answering so late, but I think it may be still important.

> I fully agree we need to take some effort to make
> this distinction clearer. Borys could probably help a little with this
> too

I have no clear idea what to do, but I think for most users introducing 
language names to the interface may even decrease the clearnes. From the 
user's point of view, the difference is rather between "permanently installed" 
and "installable". So maybe the simplest and clear way is to leave it as is 
now and to add a context help explaining the matter. 

> we should refer to them with a different
> term and activate/desactivate them using a different tab in the menu. 

I think it would be only a mess...

> Another option is calling both of them "extensions" and then "python
> plugins" and "C++ plugins". 
> We would have a "Python Plugin Installer" and an "Extensions Manager" (where
> we can activate/desactivate both types, as currently done).

> At present, the Plugin menu seems quite confusing to me. IMO, the Plugin
> Installer should not appear within the list of other enabled plugins,
> but should be above the divider, together with Plugin Manager. 

It's done a few weeks ago with the new Installer and my patch for qgisapp.cpp 
(never appllied in the svn), but after changing the menu layout it needs a 
different way (see the "The Installer / Re: Ready for feature freeze?" topic 
on the qgis-developer). I'm waiting for any suggestions and then will 
implement that.

> And then it makes sense to have a submenu under Install Plugins for
> (Install Python Plugins) and (Install C++ Plugins). Otherwise, how would
> one know that there are C++ plugins to install? If there is no dialog
> box for installing C++ Plugins, this could simply lead to a popup with
> instrucions 

I see no way to simplify the C++ plugins installation. We can't expect that 
authors will provide their plugins for every platform and every QGIS release. 
We aren't fascists ;) For that reason I think more complicated installation 
is safer, because the user/admin usually will know, what he has installed 
manually and what to do after QGIS upgrade. One click install may bring a 
number of plugins installed and "uncontrolled" by user's mind. So once again, 
the present state + explanation in the help system is sufficient in my 

> By the way, how does one "uninstall" plugins?

Python plugins are now easily uninstallable by the new Installer.


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