[Qgis-developer] Re: [work] [Qgis-community-team] Re: Python plugins and C++ plugins: using different terms

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Mon Sep 1 10:45:14 EDT 2008

Monday 01 of September 2008 14:56:02 Mateusz Loskot napisał(a):
> Just my 5 low-level eurocents to this issue.
> I think that plugins developers writing in C++ language should provide
> 1. At least two compile-time tests (preprocessor directive #ifdef):
> a) Supported platform - on what platforms a plugin can be built.
> IOW, a plugin is neither built nor installed on unsupported platforms.
> b) Minimal QGIS version required to use a plugin
> 2. One run-time check to confirm minimal required version of QGIS.
> IMO, it would be nice to add a small reflection to plugin base class -
> QgsPlugin:

Hi Mateusz, 
Your improvements are helpful, of course, but they aren't sufficient to 
implement the automatic installation. The main problem remains: some plugins 
stop working after QGIS upgrade. It's the reason for my opinion, that 
simplifying of the installation without providing stable and up-to-date 
plugin repositories may cause many troubles in the future and isn't good for 
QGIS reputation ;)

We have a lot of work on another features, so for me the best choice is to 
polish "python plugin distribution system" ;) and tend to include more 
important of C++ plugins to the QGIS package. For other ones, authors can 
provide installers (also with possibility to determine QGIS version)


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