[Qgis-developer] Plugin Menu Reorganization

Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Thu Sep 4 07:15:46 EDT 2008

Thursday 04 of September 2008 00:08:56 Tom Elwertowski napisał(a):
> I propose renaming the Python Plugin Installer menu item to "Fetch
> Plugins..." The work it does is primarily to download plugins and an
> extra activation step is still necessary to complete the installation. I
> think 'Fetch' and 'Manage' are clearer than 'Install' and 'Manage.'

It's getting more complicated :) The new Installer is able to install, update 
and uninstall the python plugins. I'm also trying to drop the extra step you 
mention, so plugins will be enabled during the installation.

So we will have the situation that the "Installer" manages the repositories 
and allows to instal/upgrade/downgrade/uninstall all python plugins 
(installed and not) and the Manager allows to enable/disable all (python and 
C++) installed plugins. It's getting a bit messy.

For that reason I prefer to take the Installer out of the menu and launch with 
button inside the Managger window. I'm trying to implement it before monday.

> An alternate layout which more closely matches what we have today is:
> Fetch Plugins... (only if this plugin is loaded)
> Manage Plugins...
> -separator- (only if plugin list has at least one item)
> sorted plugin list
> -separator- (only if python is available)
> Python Console (only if python is available)

> Putting the Python Console first calls attention to it. Is it frequently
> used or do most users just run plugins and not use Python?

I prefer the second layout. Python console is used rather only by plugin 
developers occasionally to test the API or so. For users that don't write 
plugins, it's completely useless I think. So the last position is less messy.

> I also propose that "Fetch Plugins..." be enabled on the first run of
> QGIS so that a new user is immediately aware that remote plugins are
> available and can be easily fetched.

Will be done!

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