[Qgis-developer] QGIS 1.0 Feature Freeze Begins

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Wed Sep 10 23:42:02 EDT 2008


FOSS4G2008 is a nice, but artificial, target. I would personally rather 
see a stable app with a good initial API, even it it takes a tad bit 
little longer than desired. QGIS won't have any better rep if is 
released for FOSS4G2008 but limps along, rather than being strong and 
released after the conference.

Nonetheless, I would also like to extend a thanks everyone who has 
submitted bugs and ideas and would like to encourage more people to get 
involved - we need more coders!


Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi all
> Many thanks to all who have contributed new features for the 1.0
> release. I have merged in the new plugin installer from Borys now and
> would like to start with feature freeze. Chances of getting version
> 1.0 out in time for FOSS4G2008 are looking slim , especially if we
> want to get much polishing & translation etc done. I am in favour of
> pushing the schedule to get it out for end of Sept anyway and then
> following up with a 1.0.1 bugfix release shortly after (e.g. end Oct /
> Mid nov). Could I ask you please to top post your votes:
> +1 - lets push to get QGIS 1.0 out for 25 Sept
> 0 - dont care either way
> -1 - slow down tonto, lets rather take our time

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