[Qgis-developer] Plan for QGIS 1.0 preview 1

Marco Pasetti marcopstt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 06:11:34 EDT 2008


> I would suggest not to put packages into mainstream repos, but rather
> offer them via our download site for manual installation so that folks
> who prefer to use the current official release dont get upgraded
> automatically.

The current "packaging procedure" I developed already provides a development 
package/installer, that does not take effects on the eventually installed 
stable version of QGIS.
That means that the setup file installs QGIS in a separate folder, with 
separate desktop and start launch incons (marked by the "dev" suffix), with 
independent registry keys and with an independent uninstall procedure. The 
installer provides the same features of its "stable brother", that means 
that it can provide upgrade, downgrade and repair installations, so that, 
when a new dev/preview release is done (such as a weekly snapshot), the 
installer performs an upgrade over the previously installed development 
The only common resources used by both are the .qgis directory in the user's 
folder and the registry keys that manage the toolbar and window size 
parameters (I cannot separate them, because they are directly managed by the 

For more information read here: 

Tara has already tested a "development" installer. She could comment and 
give her judge on that.



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