[Qgis-developer] finally, libecw with qgis in windows

godofredo contreras frdcn at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 23 11:40:49 EDT 2008


After a few time trying different options to get libecwj library working
in mingw, I decided to start a port of the library. There are good news
about the port, actually the library compiles correctly using pthreads
and dev-cpp as ide for debugging. I have succesfully compiled in debug
mode and release mode I have also compiled gdal with the library and
used it in qgis to load ecw images.

The port is an early stage and still have some problems, the one more
visible is that it takes to qgis like 2 minutes to load an ecw image of about
100 mb but once it is loaded it works ok.

Please tell me if someone is interested in debuging the library to get it
working with qgis.

the source patched and the binaries could be downloaded from:


To use it uncompress the zip file.

If you want to check it with qgis copy the content of gdal,
dependencies and debug to qgis root directory.

If you want to build the library and debug it, download
dev-cpp from here http://www.bloodshed.net/devcpp.html

uncompress libecw.zip into c:/msys/src/

there is a dev-cpp project in C:\msys\src\libecwj\Source\C\NCSEcw\NCSEcw
its name is ecewj2.dev just open it and build it.

Pthreads libraries and includes must be in /local/include and /local/lib of your msys.

There are to make files to be used with the project :


To change them you have to go to project menu - project options - files
and choose the appropiate makefile in use custom makefile option.

Hope this can help, and also that we can have ecw support for windows
version of qgis  shortly.


Godofredo Contreras

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