[Qgis-developer] segfault

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Fri Sep 26 15:14:49 EDT 2008

Actually just deactivating is not enough to get the plugin to stop until 
you restart QIS. So I am sure it is still that plugin that is causing 
the problem.

However, with my recent changes to QgsRasterLayer::identify(), plugin 
does need to be updated.
my hack looked something like this (note it is just four lines at the 
beginning that are actually different...

Starting on line 114 of valuewidget.py
        for layer in rasterlayers:
            identifyResults = layer.identify(mapPos)
            isValid = identifyResults[0]
            ident = identifyResults[1]
            if isValid:
                for j in ident:  # loop over the bands
                    if len(ident)>1:
                        layernamewithband+=' '+j





Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Borys Jurgiel ha scritto:
>> Friday 26 of September 2008 18:42:24 Paolo Cavallini napisał(a):
>>> Deactivating the Value tools plugin seems to cure the problem.
>>> All the best.
>>> pc
>> Right! I'll contact the Author.
> Talked too early: still get the same erro, even after deactivating it.
> Perhaps I should uninstall it.
> All the best.
> pc

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