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Fri Aug 14 00:01:25 EDT 2009

Hi Ahmed

What does the 'back' button do if you select an item and click it (without moving). I wonder to which button / key the 'back' button is linked.

>* Ubuntu 9.04, QGIS 1.1.0-Pan

Best thing is to try it with a current development version. Many changes have been done since 1.1.0.


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Hey all,

I wonder if anyone can replicate this situation on the following system:
* Ubuntu 9.04, QGIS 1.1.0-Pan
* A mouse with a "back button"(the button is in an odd place and tends to
get pressed accidently)

In print composer, while moving an object, clicking the mouse's back button
causes QGIS to crash. It's really not even considered a nuisance, but I
wonder, if it's just my crappy mouse or something else.


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