[Qgis-developer] feedback from today's course: various problems

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Dec 1 13:13:56 EST 2009

Hi all.

- actions: what does it mean the option "Generic/Windows/Unix/"etc.? I
quickly tried, but apparently win did not work
- Spatialite: apparently current trunk cannot load SL files (all well on
Linux though)
- dropdown menus for editing database values works well, but if the
"modiable" checkbox is checked, it apparently stops working
- field calculator seems to work, but after switching editing off all
fields are 0; after that, I cannot open field calculator again
- if I use the new symbology, vertex markers are not shown during
digitizing (both on win and on lin)
- if we select an impossible reprojection, we get an error message for
*each* vertex to be reprojected, and the only way to escape seems to force
quit QGIS
- topology is not honoured when moving a feature over another
- apparently it is not possible to merge two polygons when one of them has
an island
- I got occasional crashes, in one case when clicking on a node with the
node tool, in another when clicking on "New project"; in the second case
the terminal said: ERROR 1: Attempt to write non-polygon (MULTILINESTRING)
geometry to  type shapefile.

Can anyone confirm/open tickets?
All the best.

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