[Qgis-developer] Re: quoting postgis table names in DATA

Stephan Meißl stephan.meissl at eox.at
Mon Dec 7 17:46:45 EST 2009

Hi Richard,

from my point of view we need more details e.g. the complete broken and
working mapfiles including the used DBMS in order to reproduce the
behaviour because according to me (and your quote says the same) the two
data statements:
      * "way" FROM "osm_polygon"
      * way FROM osm_polygon
are treated as exactly the same by PostgreSQL.

In the FILTER example I only see the deleted space at the end but I
guess it was meant to change following:
      * "nature"='water' or "landuse"='basin' or "landuse"='reservoir'
        or "waterway"='riverbank'
      * nature='water' or landuse='basin' or landuse='reservoir' or
Then the same argument as above applies.

Unless we can reproduce an error I opt for sticking with the quoting
because it is a lot safer and should not make any difference in
PostgreSQL if you only use lower case but give the correct result used
with upper case identifiers.


> Hi Guys,
> people start putting mapserverexport-issues in trac on my name (and Erik 
> and Stephan, I consider them your problem also  now  ;-)  )...
> see https://trac.osgeo.org/qgis/ticket/2189
> what's the general opinion on this one?
> Should we NOT quote the datastring? I think that is actually more safe 
> to do then quoting like we do now ...
> Quoting should only be needed when people deliberatly use spaces or 
> ampersends in their tablenames...
> Regards,
> Richard Duivenvoorde

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