[Qgis-developer] dted datagrid

Luca Pascale pascale.luca.it at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 08:22:45 EST 2009

hi all,

I have a lot of DTED data slice.
I want to load them in qgis and use the elevation data to do some
computation in a plug-in.
Inside the plugin I would want to get the elevation data specifing the
lower-left and upper right corner(in lat/lon) of a grid of elevation data.
My problems are:

1) the points of the grid can, in general, belong to different layer (each
dted slice is a layer), so how to correctly select this points from the
2) For a data grid of elevation point I would want also specifies the number
of points for each side of the grid, so probably an interpolation is needed.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance
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