[Qgis-developer] Compilation error with r12446

Düster Horst Horst.Duester at bd.so.ch
Mon Dec 14 03:26:17 EST 2009

I just updated to r12446 but unfortunately make install throws the
following error message:

CMake Error at resources/context_help/cmake_install.cmake:36 (FILE):
  file INSTALL cannot find file
  to install.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  resources/cmake_install.cmake:46 (INCLUDE)
  cmake_install.cmake:63 (INCLUDE)



Dr. Horst Düster
Stv. Amtschef / GIS-Koordinator 

Kanton Solothurn
Bau- und Justizdepartement
Amt für Geoinformation
SO!GIS Koordination
Rötistrasse 4
CH-4501 Solothurn

Telefon ++41(0)32 627 25 32
Mobil   ++41(0)79 511 54 12
Telefax ++41(0)32 627 22 14

mailto:horst.duester at bd.so.ch

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