[Qgis-developer] addendum to SRS db

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Dec 28 02:33:26 EST 2009

Hi all.
Standard EPSG code for Italian projections (3003 and 3004) do not 
include datum; as a result, reprojection is always wrong by about 100 m. 
Can we add 4 more projection definition to our SRS database?
It should  only be added the +towgs84 parameter so that we'll have:

3003 corrected, mainland: same as 3003, with

3004 corrected, mainland: same as 3004, with

3003 corrected, Sardinia: same as 3003, with

3004 corrected, Sicily:  same as 3004, with

In GRASS this has been solved by a similar approach:
I think this can be done now, as it does not impact anything else, and 
it would make life a lot easier for Italian users (remember, the second 
largest QGIS user community!).
Details in http://www.crs-geo.eu/
Thanks a lot.


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