[Qgis-developer] PyDev

luca_manganelli at comune.trento.it luca_manganelli at comune.trento.it
Wed Dec 30 01:33:43 EST 2009

Maurício de Paulo <mauricio.dev at gmail.com> scritti il 30/12/2009 05.08.21

> Hi Luca,
> I've found out how to debug plugins running qgis. I'm going to
> report it on my blog in a few days. I'll try to be as clear as
> possible with pictures as i'm going to write in portuguese.
> Best regards,
> Mauricio de Paulo

Two issues:

 1) autocompletion is *very* slow on a Pentium IV 2,8 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM
 2) it doesn't find QT classses and methods

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