[Qgis-developer] Projection to Raster Layer

Luiz Motta motta.luiz at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 09:55:31 EST 2009

Dears all,

I´m tested the QGIS (1.4.0-1 unstable release) from OSGEO4W

First i see the name of  window's title, Quantum GIS rexported, i 
believe the name would be Quantum GIS plus number of version.

The raster layer don't accepts "on the fly", then, i suggest a few 
1) By default the project could have enable with "on the fly"
2) The dialog box "Project Properties" Coordinate Reference System(CSR) 
could have the listbox with
coordinate system of all layers(if have CRS) to select CSR of project
3) If raster layer CRS in project QGIS have different of projection CRS 
then checkbox this layer could show unable.
If user click in this checkbox, could show the information message box 
with the projection will change for CSR raster layer

Luiz Motta

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