[Qgis-developer] proxys, WMS and plugin installer

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 03:34:03 EST 2009

2009/1/12 Hugentobler  Marco <marco.hugentobler at karto.baug.ethz.ch>:

> Is it bad that Qt uses the CONNECT method? I don't know if it's common for HttpProxy to support it or not.

 CONNECT is what you use to set up an HTTP Tunnel, not an HTTP Caching
Proxy connection. HTTP tunnels are used to tunnel any protocol through
an HTTP server - such as FTP, or IM, or SSH. I think it's used by very
controlling network admins to make sure *everything* goes through
their central server. I think there was some confusion between HTTP
Tunnels and HTTP Caching Proxy systems in Qt recently.

Quick google gives this IETF draft - there's probably an RFC on it somewhere:


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