[Qgis-developer] download page question and problem

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Jan 13 18:04:47 EST 2009

2009/1/13 Martin Dobias <wonder.sk at gmail.com>:

>> For me only the header part renders. Perhaps its something I put in one
>> of the comments. Gary suggests its something local on my pc. I will take
>> a closer look and see if some ropey html is being rendered...
> Tim,
> I'm also unable to see the table with download (running kubuntu,
> firefox3). All the time I was wondering why there are no packages and
> only link to download.osgeo.org is provided :-)
> Martin

 It's Adblock plus on Firefox. Disable it and I see the table in
Firefox. Enabled, and there is no table. It must be something in the
id or class of the table in the Adblock rules.

 Also, you've still got the old OSGeo logo :)


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