[Qgis-developer] How to load a PostGIS layer via v.in.ogr GUI?

Düster Horst Horst.Duester at bd.so.ch
Wed Jan 14 06:20:14 EST 2009


To import a PostGIS layer it is necessary to define a table as layer
beside the dsn. Unfortunately the GUI doesn't offer the option "layer".
It seems to be  impossible to import a single PostGIS layer via

In former versions of QGIS the v.in.ogr GUI offered a select box with
all non GRASS layers loaded to QGIS. This was the much more easier way
to import non GRASS layers to GRASS. Especially with PostGIS layers
there was no need to know the DB-connection parameters. It was only
necessary to select a layer from the select box the import goes on. 

What are the reasons for the changes in the new GUI?



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