[Qgis-developer] download page question and problem

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Fri Jan 16 02:16:15 EST 2009

Jürgen E. Fischer ha scritto:
> Hi Tim,
> On Tue, 13. Jan 2009 at 22:49:32 +0200, Tim Sutton wrote:
>> In the mean time Juergen is also making a MSVC build. If he reaches the
>> point of feature parity with Marco's build I will probably go ahead and
>> announce and then add Marco's in when he is ready.
> I think we now have feature parity, although I'm not very experienced
> with GRASS and therefore cannot really test it.  AFAICS it works fine.
> Jürgen
You mean the package also includes the grass plugin? I see on the page
there should be a separate package: qgis-grass-plugin, but I cannot find
it on the page. I cannot test the installer as I do not have win.
All the best, and thanks!
Paolo Cavallini, see: * http://www.faunalia.it/pc *

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