[Qgis-developer] crashing, autosaving, and 1.0

icosa atropa icos.atropa at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 00:56:41 EST 2009

Has autosave functionality been considered in Qgis?

I've used qgis off and on for years now, and I've trained myself to
save early and often to guard against the inevitable qgis crash (more
than any other program i use regularly for work in my standard ubuntu

Today, trying out qgis-1.0.0~hardy1, I forgot to save early and often.
 After playing with qgis for 2 hours, when i right-click in the
attribute table of a gpx layer, SHAZAM, my work disappeared in a
segfault.  I like qgis, and i learned a lot in those 2 hours, so this
doesn't really bother me, but...

As qgis hits 1.0, we would hope that the user-base would increase,
which tends to lower the mean user-base expertise and patience.
Autosave (and even versioning?) seems like a good (and simple??) way
to avoid a lot of "bad press" from new users, especially since the
qgis files are so small.

It only takes a few hours of lost work to create a strong emotional
aversion to a tool...

my 2 cents

Debug: /build/buildd/qgis-1.0.0~hardy1/src/providers/gpx/qgsgpxprovider.cpp:
303: (nextFeature) GPX feature track segments:  = 1
Debug: /build/buildd/qgis-1.0.0~hardy1/src/providers/gpx/qgsgpxprovider.cpp:
303: (nextFeature) GPX feature track segments:  = 1
Segmentation fault

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