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Borys Jurgiel borys at wolf.most.org.pl
Tue Jan 20 10:25:23 EST 2009

Tuesday 20 of January 2009 14:27:14 Paolo Cavallini napisał(a):
> I think we should have a proper plugin infrastructure, analogous but
> separated from C++ source code.

Where do you mean the infrastructure should be implemented? In the svn or just 
in existing repositories? 

> Ideally this should:
> - allow devs with privileges to upload their plugin

it's done in the existing repositories

> - do some consistency check (removing hidden, unnecessary files, .pyc
> etc.) and pointing out missing elements (licence, minimum version, etc.)

it's feasible, as I think (but requires unpacking the packages)

> - generate automatically the relevant entry in plugins.xml

it's done

> - allow the maintainer to mark each plugin with the appropriate category
> (sandbox, experimental, unstable, testing, stable), so users are warned
> (but still allowed and encouraged to experiment).

I think it would be too many categories too keep it all clean. Someone would 
have to evaluate them again and again. Now we have the two categories (official-
stable and the rest). However we can implement the additional tag with 2 or 3 
categories (experimental/testing/stable) to separate the plugin stage from its 

In this case users could enable unofficial repositories but still mask e.g. 
experimental plugins. Also plugins could be available in various versions 
(older-stable and newer-unstable) so users would be able to easy downgrade to 
the stable one.

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