[Qgis-developer] .gislock

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Jan 21 02:29:07 EST 2009

Hamish ha scritto:
> Benjamin Ducke wrote:
>> On the other hand, deleting a lock file present on the disk on program
>> startup (or rather: when the user connects to the mapset) is not a good
>> idea, because that file might be there for a good reason (e.g. someone
>> else working on the same mapset over a network connection)!
> or you are working in the same mapset in a concurrent grass or qgis/grass
> session.

Exactly: that's the reason of the warning I suggested. Then, if the user
wants to go ahead, he should be allowed to do so (he'll be able to rm
the .gislock by hand anyway, so no additional security, only more
All the best.
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