[Qgis-developer] Build plugins for use with Mac binary

Peter Ersts ersts at amnh.org
Wed Jan 21 11:01:37 EST 2009

Howdy William. Thanks for the quick response.

William Kyngesburye wrote:
> It looks like maybe something went wrong in Tom's 1.0 compilation so 
> that it dropped the version numbers.  So there is a version mismatch 
> between your plugin and Qgis.
> Also, you say you are using my frameworks - GEOS and GDAL, it looks 
> like?  Then are you using install_name_tool to change the library 
> references in your plugin?  Same problem, though backwards.  
Yes, just downloaded your frameworks again today and yes I am using 
install_name_tool to change the reference to match the QGIS binary 

> I build my GEOS framework with the C++ and C APIs combined, thus they 
> can't have the two different version numbers, so I use an arbitrary 
> numbering system.  I *think* Apple's runtime linker compatibility 
> versioning doesn't operate at all across major versions, forwards *or* 
> backwards (at least, I've had problems in the past trying to do so).
I don't think it does and I want to say that that is the same across 
minor numbers as well. When I first started trying to compiled for OSX I 
my QT version was one minor version number different (newer) and the 
plugin would not load. Once I changed Qt versions it loaded up just fine.

> Well, since you're using my frameworks to build your plugin, and your 
> own Qgis, try it out on my Qgis 1.0?  No need to change the library 
> paths for GEOS or GDAL.
I tried the version from your site Qgis 1.0.0-1 for Leopard. It 
immediately crashed at first. Seems that the GDAL 1.6 framework requires 
postgres, though it is not listed as a dependency. Once I installed the 
postgres framework qgis loaded but when I add my plugin it crashes again

There is still a different in the GEOS version numbers. The north arrow 
plugin shows GOES lib compatability version 4.0.0, current version 
4.1.0, when I build with your GOES framework ( 
GOES_Framework-3.0.3-1.dmg ) that is online, I get compatability version 
4.0.0, current version 4.0.3

> If you just want to make sure it will work on distributed Qgis 
> binaries, Tom may have to try rebuilding to get those version numbers 
> in there. 
aye, it would be good to hear if any other folks have had trouble.

Thanks for you time.

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