[Qgis-developer] PyQGIS strategy

Carson Farmer carson.farmer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 18:28:11 EST 2009

Hi Maxim,
> Hi all,
> this question might have been already discussed, sorry if I missed it.
> First of all, the idea to have a centralized plugin storage [1] is great
> (I was a huge fan of Arcscripts). What is not so great is that I have to re-upload
> our plugins (so far just 1, but potentially dozens) again and again,
> as they are developing. What makes it even more painful is that we have our own website with plugin
> repo too, that updates on commit, nice and easy. We're quite happy
> with our own repo and not going to abandon it anytime soon.
How was this implemented? Did you use python? Would you mind sharing 
your clever methods ;-)
> So, one suggestion, please consider putting in [1] not only the plugins
> themselves, but also parse uploaded repo.xml, so that, if authors website is up and
> running, the person won't risk to deal with even slightly outdated
> plugin, that I forgot to update on [1]. Also, it can be made to
> periodically store a local copy of plugins (again
> automatically from the websites) just in case the author's website is
> down.
I think this very idea has been passed around a bit on the lists and 
irc. It would certainly be a good idea, and I for one would certainly 
take advantage of it.



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