[Qgis-developer] Re: new maintainer for the georeferencer plugin

Manuel Massing m.massing at warped-space.de
Mon Feb 1 10:08:57 EST 2010


> I'd like to announce that Manuel Massing is the new maintainer of the
> georeferencer plugin. Manuel worked, together with Maxim and the gislab
>  team, on an improved version of the original georef plugin and he will
>  coordinate the further development of the plugin.
> Manuel, welcome to the team!

thank you for taking me on board! :-)

To make sure the credits go to the right person I'd like to clarify that most 
of the recent georeferencer improvements are due to Maxim Dubinin
&team, I just did some work on the reprojection underpinnings.

I hope to update the georeferencer in qgis trunk soon, pending a go-ahead from


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