[Qgis-developer] Building source code on VS2005

silvio.pioli at tin.it silvio.pioli at tin.it
Wed Feb 3 08:36:20 EST 2010

I'm newbie with QGis and this is my first post.
I'm attempting to build the Qgis source that I've downloaded from https://svn.osgeo.org/qgis/branches/Release-1_3_0
To do that I procedeed as described at http://www.qgis.org/wiki/Installation_Guide.
I succeeded in downloading and installing all the dependencies and create the VS solution by using the Cmake command.
When I try to build the ALL_BUILD project as described in the Installation Guide, I get this error:


..\..\..\src\core\spatialindex\tools\TemporaryFile.cc(34) : error C3861: 'open': identifier not found

..\..\..\src\core\spatialindex\tools\TemporaryFile.cc(52) : error C3861: 'close': identifier not found

..\..\..\src\core\spatialindex\tools\TemporaryFile.cc(92) : error C3861: 'close': identifier not found

It looks like the fstream library was not included but looking at source code of TemporaryFile.cc , you can see the Tools.h file is included and in this file is included fstream.

Now, my OS is Windows Vista Home Edition and I tried to build using Visual Studio 2005 SP1.

Someone can help me?
Thank you


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