[Qgis-developer] qgis trunk build on VS 2008: empty python-sip source files

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 15:54:15 EST 2010

Hi to everyone.
I'm back on QGis, after an year, to compile it with VS Express 2008 on
Windows XP. I'm using the osgeo4w libs and devs files, plus Flex and
Bison from GNUWin32. CMake version 2.6.4
I've been able to generate the VS solution, and cmake seems being able
to find all the necessary, SIP and Python stuff included. Yet in VS
2008 I find 4 solutions related to python:

 - qgispython
     - qgspythonutilsimpl.cpp
     - qgispython.cpp
 - python_module_qgis_analysis
     - sipanalysisepart0.cpp
     - sipanalysispart1.cpp
     - sipanalysispart2.cpp
     - sipanalysispart3.cpp
 - python_module_qgis_core
     - sipcorepart0.cpp
     - sipcorepart1.cpp
     - sipcorepart2.cpp
     - sipcorepart3.cpp
 - python_module_qgis_gui
     - sipguipart0.cpp
     - sipguipart1.cpp
     - sipguipart2.cpp
     - sipguipart3.cpp

The sip*.cpp files are all empty, and (obviously) when I run qgis I
receive the error set at line 82 of qgspythonutilsimpl.cpp[1].
So, it's not clear to me where/when the empty source files are created
and why they've remained empty...
Any help?

Thanks very much,

[1] "Couldn't load PyQGIS", because it can't load the bindings.

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