[Qgis-developer] Clipper-Subsetter in GDALTools

Giuseppe Sucameli brush.tyler at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 05:40:30 EST 2010

Hi Maxim,

2010/2/10 Maxim Dubinin <dubinin at wisc.edu>

> It would also be nice we'd have an option to subset a single

raster _while_ having multiple rasters in layers list.

I.e., I have 100 rasters of slightly different extents
> loaded and I want to subset them all one by one.

> Do you think we better create a new tool, like Subset or we

can add a new mode "Use a single raster" to Clipper?
If you want clipping a single layer while you have to see
all layers on canvas, then IMHO is better adding the
feature to Clipper.

If the aim is clipping each layer using the same user's extent,
then I think also is better adding this feature to Clipper (it
could be as a batch mode).

Otherwise, I don't understand what is the problem.
Only active/visible raster layers are clipped, then you resolve
this by hiding all layers and showing only one.


Giuseppe Sucameli
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