[Qgis-developer] new georeferencer

Maxim Dubinin sim at gis-lab.info
Sun Feb 14 17:12:43 EST 2010

Manuel, thanks for committing georef to trunk! It is really exiting.

I have an important feature in mind, which we were not able to
implement, but we need for one of our projects.

It would be nice to have ability to set output pixel size after
transformation is selected (i.e. GCPs are collected) in the transformation settings.


Вы писали 14 февраля 2010 г., 14:57:06:

MM> Hi all,

MM> the new georeferencer from gis-lab SVN is now commited
MM> to qgis trunk (the upcoming qgis 1.5.0).

MM> If you encounter any issues, bug reports and feedback are 
MM> welcome (please report bugs and feature requests using trac 
MM> at https://trac.osgeo.org/qgis/ )

MM> Regards,

MM>         Manuel

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