[Qgis-developer] Openlayers plugin issue

Mathias Walker mwa at sourcepole.ch
Tue Feb 23 02:59:58 EST 2010

Hi John

Thank you for the screenshots.

I tested the OpenLayers plugin on Windows and there is the same scaling 
mismatch. I supppose this is due to different screen dpi settings on Linux, OS 
X and Windows, so this should be taken into account when calculating the 
scales for the zoom levels. At the moment, the scale factor is adjusted to 90 
dpi on Linux.

Best regards
Mathias Walker
Sourcepole -  Linux & Open Source Solutions
Elestastr. 18   7310 Bad Ragaz  Switzerland
Tel: 081 330 77 11       Fax: 081 330 77 12
mwa at sourcepole.ch  http://www.sourcepole.ch
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