[Qgis-developer] announcing RasterCalc

Maxim Dubinin sim at gis-lab.info
Wed Feb 24 14:20:31 EST 2010


the small doc for RasterCalc is here:

In general I'm ok with integrating, but I suggest we will wait with it
for a couple of months. RasterCalc is tied in organizationally in a
project that we are working on right now (where it is supposed to be a separate extention).

Hope this is not a big complication.


Вы писали 24 февраля 2010 г., 13:10:56:

PC> Maxim Dubinin ha scritto:
>> Please give it a go and we'd like to have feedback. Please note, that
>> few functions are yet locked, but we plan to unlock them if the basic
>> logic is working ok.

PC> Hi Maxim.
PC> Where do I find some documentation for the plugin?
PC> Would you agree with Tim's suggestion of integrating it into the Raster (AKA
PC> GdalTools) menu?
PC> All the best.

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