[Qgis-developer] Minor Irritations

Jeremy Palmer JPalmer at linz.govt.nz
Tue Nov 2 07:26:23 EDT 2010

At the moment you need to hold the alt key. To do it the other way would take more work and might be trouble just waiting to happen.
Ok how about this as a proposal for the select tools:
Shift: switch to contains select (default is intersects, this will not be user configurable)
Ctrl: Symmetric difference of the current and new selected features. i.e. if already selected then remove, if not already selected then add. 
Also add the tool tips - very good suggestion thank you.
Under this proposal we don't need to use the alt key and all platforms are the same. The only downside is that some users might get a surprise with the usage of the symmetric difference functionality - I guess it just depends on what other software they have been using.
Can we please get a vote on this!?

From: Alex Mandel [tech_dev at wildintellect.com]
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Subject: Re: [Qgis-developer] Minor Irritations

On 11/01/2010 03:02 PM, Borys Jurgiel wrote:
> Dnia poniedziałek 01 listopada 2010 o 22:19:54 Jeremy Palmer napisał(a):
>> Within the ticket I have added a new patch that allows the user to set the
>> default selection method. For KDE or Gnome this at least allows users to
>> set the main way they want to select features. Not perfect but at least
>> functional. Maybe someone else has another idea?
> Milena always has another idea ;) and proposes choosing between two modes:
> Mode 1 (Win):
> - alt for switching intersects/contains
> - ctrl for adding features
> - shift for substracting features
> Mode 2 (Gnome/KDE):
> - shift for switching intersects/contains
> - ctrl for swapping the selection

I dislike having a different default, but do like the user being able to
configure their preference. Differing defaults makes writing tutorials,
teaching others and switching machines quite confusing.

In quick consultation with some other users. Either Ctrl or Shift as the
main Add/Subtract toggle is good (In my mind Ctrl if more obvious a
choice based on other programs, though some like shift because it's

Would Alt switch from the default of Intersect to Contains only for the
duration of the holding of Alt or does it stick until pressed again?
Either way seems ok, just wanted to clarify.

Also, if it's possible to show the keyboard shortcut in the Tooltip that
might also help users figure it out.


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