[Qgis-developer] problems deleting vectors with GRASS/osgeo4w

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 20:33:46 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm experiencing problems while deleting vectors from mapsets under
GRASS installed with the osgeo4w installer under windows Seven.

As I usually use GRASS under QGIS and I initially guessed it could be
something with the plugin, but then I confirmed the problem under GRASS
using the standard wxpython GUI.

The problem does not seems to affect GRASS I have installed in Ubuntu
linux (using the ubuntugis repository).

Actually if I want to delete a vector map from a mapset I have to do the
operation twice

(Sat Nov 06 21:04:18
vect=provinces at mapset3003                                              
Removing vector <provinces at mapset3003>
Unable to delete file 'C:\Users\gio
couldn't be removed
<provinces> nothing removed
(Sat Nov 06 21:04:19 2010) Command finished (1
(Sat Nov 06 21:04:27
vect=provinces at mapset3003                                              
Removing vector <provinces at mapset3003>
(Sat Nov 06 21:04:28 2010) Command finished (1 sec)

the first try seems to have the only effect to remove the dbf file (the
vectors are imported shapefiles), while the second try deletes the
remaining folder into the "vector" folder.

Under QGIS: when hitting the "delete selected map" in the grass tools
browser windows the following message shows

"cannot delete map provinces
command: provinces g.remove.exe vect=provinces"

then the 0_polygon, 1_polygon, etc. do disappear but the name of the
vector remains. Hitting "refresh" it produces

"cannot open vector ... in mapset ... on level 2 (topology not
available, try to rebuild using the v.build module)"

Hitting again "delete selected map" just produce the error message

"cannot delete map provinces
command: provinces g.remove.exe vect=provinces"

If I try to remove manually the vector trough the GRASS console (under
QGIS) I get:

C:\>g.remove vect=pontos

GRASS_INFO_MESSAGE(1800,1): Removing vector <pontos>

GRASS_INFO_WARNING(1800,2): Unable to delete file

GRASS_INFO_WARNING(1800,3): couldn't be removed

GRASS_INFO_WARNING(1800,4): <pontos> nothing removed


while manually directly under GRASS I get

GRASS 6.4.0 (location3003)> g.remove vect=pontos
Removing vector <pontos>
WARNING: Unable to delete file
WARNING: couldn't be removed
WARNING: <pontos> nothing removed

GRASS 6.4.0 (location3003)>

If someone can confirm is a GRASS problem in the osgeo4w installer I
will be able to open a ticket.


-- Giovanni --

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