[Qgis-developer] Python plugin - Path to gdal

kimaidou kimaidou at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 09:04:19 EST 2010

Hi qgis dev,

I am still working on my python plugin. Now, thanks to Carson and Barry, my
UI is running smoothly.
Now I am working on the core code.

I would like to use Gdal to perform a gdal_translate on some selected raster
I have no idea how I can find the path of the gdal binary used by Qgis. Of
course I need an OS independant method.

I tried to read the GdalTool plugin code, but woow, it is a bit too
complicated for me rigth now. E.g, I have seen there is a function :

# Retrieves GDAL binaries location
def getGdalPath():
  settings = QSettings()
  return settings.value( "/GdalTools/gdalPath", QVariant( "" ) ).toString()

But I am not sure it will work if run from another plugin (especially if
GdalTool is not installed/active ).

Thanks in advance for helping me,

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