[Qgis-developer] easier translation

Alexander Bruy alexander.bruy at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 08:07:58 EST 2010

On Fri, 12 Nov 2010 13:59:46 +0100
Otto Dassau <otto.dassau at gmx.de> wrote:
> The manual writing and updating with latex seems to be more complex,
> and therefore it becomes more and more difficult to find and encourage
> people to contribute and translate. I think we need to find a solution
> for that, too and maybe it could be a plugin or we switch to something
> new.
> AFAIK projects such as Mepserver, Geoserver or OSGeo Live use Sphinx.
> Don't know if that would work well, especially when we want to
> translate the files.

Sphinx has a more simple syntax than Latex, but there are same problems
with translation such as finding new strings to be translated

Alexander Bruy

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