[Qgis-developer] icons and menus

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat Nov 13 07:57:41 EST 2010

Hi all.
We have several tools that do essentially the same thing. Take for 
example interpolation:
- Marco plugin
- GdalTools submenu
- GRASS commands
Each of them has a different icon, and for the user this is very 
confusing. I would suggest to unify the icons for these multiple commands.
Furthermore, I would suggest to regroup all the raster commands under 
the same "Raster" menu (I'm thinking of Raster Calculator, 
Interpolation, Terrain analysis, etc.). Analogously, database commands 
should be grouped under a Database menu.
This structure could accommodate also additional python plugin.
Any objection?
Al the best.

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