[Qgis-developer] Way forward: QGIS plugin repo, plugin Trac etc.

Pirmin Kalberer pi_ml at sourcepole.com
Tue Nov 16 04:39:49 EST 2010

Am Montag, 15. November 2010, um 22.23:59 schrieb Borys Jurgiel:
> > So change of mind from our discussion on IRC yesterday? Should Pirmin
> > and I still bother with the test install of Redmine?
> Actually I'm still a bit confused and don't want to take one of the two
> sides (mainly because I only looked briefly at the Redmine), but let's
> just write down the disadvantages and threats of the two solutions.

In my opinion it's not a discussion between Django and Redmine. The confusion 
comes from not discussing all aspects in one session (yes, people were too 

I would group the aspects in
1. Package repository + Package download website
2. Plugin source code repository
3. Bug tracking + Plugin home pages

Borys and Martin proposed a solution for point 1, developed with Django. They 
did not couple the package repository with the source code repository to let 
plugin developers choose their SCM.

Tim's announcement includes the following solutions for these aspects:
1. Django application
2. One(?) Github repository
3. One(?) Trac instance

In the discussion Alex is referring to, we came to this:
1. not discussed
2. OSGeo Git server
3. Redmine

We didn't go deeper into point 2 and number 3 was not confirmed by Tim.
I have absolutely no problems with Tim's solution and I'm sure he will clarify 
open points as soon as he arrives in South Africa.


Pirmin Kalberer
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