[Qgis-developer] contour plugin

Volker Fröhlich volker27 at gmx.at
Wed Nov 17 08:53:46 EST 2010

Dear Paolo!

Are you still interested in somebody confirming that?


Am Mittwoch 20 Oktober 2010, 15:41:36 schrieb Paolo Cavallini:
> Il 19/10/2010 11:05, Lionel Roubeyrie ha scritto:
> > Hi Paolo,
> > can you send me your data and a description of what you do with the
> > plugin please?
> Hi all.
> Thanks to the patience of Linel, we tested his problem, but we cannot reach
> a conclusion: in my case this problems happens always, in Lionel machines
> never. The only difference easy to spot is QGIS version (1.5 for Linoel,
> trunk in my case). Could someone confirm?
> Thanks.

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