[Qgis-developer] Re: 2 doubts prior Compiling QGIS on ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Nov 23 12:32:32 EST 2010

On 11/23/2010 06:53 AM, Agustin Hobo wrote:
> ok, I finally run make install and got the package built in my
> Is it possible to define a different .qgis directory for not messing up the
> plugins?
> Agus

Not that I'm aware of, and I've asked about it before. The exception
would be that you could manually put plugins into the python directory
inside of the install and not in the user's home. But this requires it
all be done by hand and you need sudo privilege.

Most plugins however seem to work fine in both and I can see why it's
not a high priority as it affects mostly just the developers.


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