[Qgis-developer] Thumbnails in the TOC of QGIS

Santiago Lastra santiago.lastra at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 12:10:04 EST 2010

Hello, everybody.
I have a suggestion about the thumbnails that are added to the TOC of QGIS.
Suppose that I load a GDAL Virtual Raster Catalog (.vrt file) that contains
2000 raster files or even more. In this case, when I load the .vrt in QGIS
(even if I have configured a good scale dependent visibility) it takes some
minutes to load. I suppose that the problem is that QGIS is generating the
thumbnail to show in the TOC (it has to generate the thumbnail from 2000
raster files). It could be a good idea to add a QGIS preference to allow the
user to decide if he wants to generate/show or not the thumbnail of every
loaded layer.
Thanks in advance.
Santiago Lastra.
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