[Qgis-developer] Android GPS (droid_gps.py) and QGIS tracker plugin

Noli Sicad nsicad at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 21:35:44 EST 2010


Android phones are becoming to be cheaper and equip with GPS and
Bluetooth. It is capable snapping of geo tag photos out of the box.
Mytracks app in Android works without 3G and Wifi connection (no
internet). You can get on for $159 (Android 2.2) - Huawei IDEOS.


Probably someone can develop gps tracker python plugin  using Android
GPS (i.e. droid_gps.py) [1] to work with the gps tracker tool[2].
Droid_gps.py works with gpsd as well.

[1] Using Android GPS with Kismet

[2] GPS tracker tool

Bluetooth gpsd connection to Android GPS would be ideal.

Anybody interested to develop  a plugin for this?


Regards, Noli

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