[Qgis-developer] WPS-Client Plugin for QGIS 1.5 Windows

Lenny Sorey lsorey at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 09:52:18 EST 2010

Hello All,

Just made and attempt to install the WPS-Client plugin.

Got the following message:

The plugin depends on some components missing on your system. You need to
install the following
Python module in order to enable it: *ui_qgsnewhttpconnectionbase

*Is this already a compiled component that I can fetch somewhere?

My phase of QGIS is to get into some python plugin development but I am not
there yet.

My QGIS 1.5 is on the following platform:

Windows 7 Professional - 32 Bit.

I have been using QGIS 1.5 now for around a month using Postgresql 9.3
(PostGIS 1.5.3)
to manage my shapefiles along with successfully using a number of Plugins to
manage vector and raster files.

Gotta to hand it to all involved in the development of QGIS. This is one
fine piece of GIS management software.

Just curious, but are there certain camps in the QGIS community that favors
one GIS server over another? I am
leaning toward GeoServer at the moment but would welcome additional comments
from the QGIS Community
regarding WMS, WFS, etc servers to use with QGIS.

Again, congrats to all involved in the development of QGIS and I look
forward to getting involved with the list.


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