[Qgis-developer] SAGA Interface

gianluca.massei g_massa at libero.it
Fri Apr 1 13:09:51 EDT 2011

Hi Giovanni,
the plugin is in code.google 
(http://code.google.com/p/qgis-saga-plugin/). It  Is very experimental 
and rough !
Anyway, the code makes a query to the saga-api and collect all the 
module for each library for build a complex menu in qgis. The  select of 
a non interactive module  print in stdout the  output of "saga_cmd 
'library_name' 'module_name' -h". I'm working to build a GUI "on the 
fly" from that output.
Yes,  the user need to compile saga with python interface but in future 
I think that the maintainer can build an xml file with library, modules 
and parameters structure from a  query to saga_api. We can read the xml  
file and use the information for a plugin saga_api independent , using 
saga_cmd command.
In that way, the user needs only set path for saga_api and install 
plugin with only the xml. With a new saga version, the maintainer 
generate a new xml file and puts it in plugin.

The C++ approach is realy more perfomance but is more complex and   and 
my C++ knowledge isn't so good.

Il 31/03/2011 0.35, G. Allegri ha scritto:
> Hi Gianluca,
> I can't say how much I could dedicate to that, but if you could put it 
> on GitHub I could find some time to contribute.
> I don't think I can invest time on the low level development, but with 
> Python I think I could give some time.

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