[Qgis-developer] SAGA Interface

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Fri Apr 1 14:07:17 EDT 2011

Il giorno gio, 31/03/2011 alle 10.19 -0400, Camilo Polymeris ha scritto:

> What I don't understand is: we'd have the same problems using python.
> There are, as far as I know, no Python-saga packages.
> Debian's libsaga[2], for instance, does *not* include python bindings.
> That means we'd have to compile & ship the python-saga binding
> ourselves, anyway. Or am I missing something?

This should be solved from the saga side, providing a package for it. 

Let me try to explain:
First case: C++ plugin; this requires recompilation of QGIS, so we have
two options:
- include the plugin in qgis-trunk, and add the dependency on saga; this
is unlikely to be accepted by most core qgis-devs, I guess
- leave the plugin outside qgis, and require the recompilation for each
and every platform, and for each release of qgis; furthermore, osgeo4w
users will not be able to use it with qgis-dev.

Second case: Python plugin. The user will be able to install it or not,
provided he has saga with its py bindings installed on its system. This
will work with all versions of qgis (>=minimum version, as defined in
the plugin), on all OS.

Speed shouldn't be a problem, as the plugin istelf should do very little
calculations, only calling saga commands with the appropriate
parameters, as it happens with the GRASS and the GdalTools plugins.

Am I wrong?
All the best.

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