[Qgis-developer] add form elements dynamically - qgis python plugin

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Tue Apr 5 03:33:29 EDT 2011

Hi I am a beginner with python , QGIS and pyQT.
I am working on a python plug-in and would like to populate dynamically a pyQT based QDialog form with combo boxes at runtime (the elements to be added are input via a config txt file that is read). Thus I would like to get hints how I can do this .
I have a a py file with the dialog form (streameditcustomformdialog.py):
from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui
from ui_streameditcustomform import Ui_StreamEditCustomForm
# create the dialog for zoom to point
class StreamEditCustomFormDialog(QtGui.QDialog):
    def __init__(self, parent = None):
        # Set up the user interface from Designer.
        self.ui = Ui_StreamEditCustomForm()

and a routine that reads the config file and should populate the form with new comboxes:
def inputConfig(self):
        # QgisMainWindow = qgis.utils.iface.mainWindow()        
        filename = QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(None, 'Open File', "C:/", \
            "Text Files (*.txt *.csv)");               
        if filename:
            formconfig_input = open(filename, 'r')   # input species info id , name for batch processing
            while 1:
                formconfig_line  = formconfig_input.readline()         # read  csv text file line 
                if not formconfig_line: break
                formconfig_splitline = formconfig_line.split(',')
                if len(formconfig_splitline) < 3:
                    QMessageBox.information(None,"A problem occured with your input file.", \
                    "The file you choose did not have the proper \n syntax or number of comma separated fields.")
                    fieldname1   = formconfig_splitline[0]
                    fieldtype1   = formconfig_splitline[1]
                    fieldlength1 = formconfig_splitline[2]
                    QMessageBox.information(None,"Form Info:", \
                    fieldname1 + '\n' + fieldtype1 + '\n' + fieldlength1)
                    self.dlg = StreamEditCustomFormDialog()
                    #show the dialog
                    self.dlg.comboBoxNew = QtGui.QComboBox()
                    self.dlg.comboBoxNew.setItemText(1, QtGui.QApplication.translate("Form", "bw", None, QtGui.QApplication.UnicodeUTF8))
However I tried it above - the combo box does not appear on the form which is showing ok if I run the plugin, no error message ...but no combo box ...
What am I doing wrong?
Will this take care of layout management or how could I have the layout (e.g. size of form handled if many combo boxes are added ?

Karsten Vennemann


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