[Qgis-developer] features from user test

Marco Bernasocchi marco at bernawebdesign.ch
Wed Apr 6 16:16:11 EDT 2011

Hi devs, last week I conducted a user test for my master thesis. five
GIS users/ physical geographer wher prompted to use my QGis plugins to
perform some tasks.
Before the beginning of the test, the users were asked to perform some
simple QGis tasks to get aquainted with it's interface.
During this time that users were encouraged to try out new functionality
and try to solve the task without asking me how to do that. It  was very
interesting to see how people that had never used QGis tryed to solve
the problems.
Following I have three ideas that you might find interesting and worth
implementing in the future  or are these features already implemented
and I didn't know it!? :)
- In all five cases the universe tried change multiple layers that
things in one go but were unable to do so.
- when loading new rasterdata they expect the symbolization to be set to
- last the lplug in toolbar yet on resizing itself or turning off on
again QGis.

I think that for most the first two points could be very interesting for
many users. I let you know as soon as my master thesis is finished and
maybe we can find some more interesting information.
ciao Marco
Marco Bernasocchi
skype: mbernasocchi

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