[Qgis-developer] Help make Lisbon hackfest a success

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat Apr 9 03:36:47 EDT 2011

Hi all.
Our next developer meeting is approaching:
26 participants, including most core developers, are expected to join.
During the meeting we'll discuss about future improvements of QGIS,
we'll squash many bugs, and hopefully we'll release version 1.7, another
major step forward. Even if you cannot participate in flesh, your help
is important. You are invited to be on the IRC channel, to participate
to discussions, to help tidying up the bug queue, etc.
It is not too late also to help financially: your donations will make
life easier and more pleasant for developers, by paying for their food
and drinks, traveling and lodging. Remember, we are all donating our
time, please do your part.
All the best.

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